Human Resource

This department of the Institute oversees the welfare and work of all staff of Thrivus Institute, this includes both Administrative staff and faculty staff, ensuring that staffs best in quality and discipline with the vision of the Institute at heart continually provide excellent services to our students.

The department ensures adherence to the following

Team work

Academic Registry

The Registry manages all student records and academic information at Institute and further responds to student enquiries and requests in a timely and efficient manner.
Academic records and transcript requests
Admission verification and support
Student data reports
Class scheduling
Academic policy implementation
Course auditing

The Department is headed by the Registrar assisted by a focused team of professionals.

IT Department

I.T Department manages and maintains the I.T infrastructure of the Institute, the department also provides support and training for faculty, staff and students these include I.T self-service advice, basic trouble shooting, and several other I.T needs. This page should be your first point of call before calling in for extended support.
The I.T department also maintains the Institute’s E-Library ensuring that students and other users have unfettered access at all times from any location they may choose.

Accounting & Finance

The department through prudence and planning ensures the proper management and use of the Institute’s financial and material resources. The department aids the Institute to ensure sustainability in training of Gene Therapist and embryologist.
The Accounting and Finance department also provides information on the status of tuition and other fees payment to students and the Institute’s management for record setting, planning and decision making.