Our History

Thrivus Institute for Biomedical Science and Technology is a Ghanaian post graduate educational institution established in 2017. Registered under the laws of the Republic of Ghana and accredited by the National Accreditation Board as a tertiary Institution, Thrivus seeks to provide quality and excellence in the training of biomedical scientists in bringing out innovation in Gene Therapy and Human Embryology.

Our Campus

Thrivus Institute is located in Accra at Lashibi opposite Emefs Estate, the serene vicinity houses the Institute’s administrative offices, lecture rooms, laboratories and library facilities. The facilities and ambience provides a world class teaching and learning environment.

Our Vision

To be the change driver that spearheads the training of dynamic and inventive biomedical scientists and practitioners who will lead the transformation of scientific discoveries in Gene Therapy and Human Embryology into new technologies and therapies.

Our Mission

To provide students and investigators with an open and effective infrastructure together with rigorous research environment to foster creation of basic knowledge through the pursuit of fundamental and innovative research in the biosciences for application in medicine, biotechnology and pharma. We expect to amplify talent and our alumni to assume leadership roles in their fields of study.