Student Support

At Thrivus Institute, we believe in critically supporting our student innovators to achieve world-leading accomplishments. Our Student Support Initiative expand critically important programs that will assure accessible and affordable learning to students of diverse backgrounds, gender and geographic origin. Student Support can be in the form of scholarships or professional mentorship to meet the needs and professional goals of our student investigators. Help us revolutionize possibilities for our student investigators.

Research and Innovation

Thrivus Institute provides an enriching environment for innovative research in the biological sciences.

Research Equipment and Reagents

Access to cutting edge equipment and reagents is the lifeblood of innovative biomedical research. Your kind contribution in kind of research equipment and reagents will spur the next innovative discovery by our faculty and student researchers.

Teaching and Instruction

Thrivus Institute is committed to providing innovative teaching and instruction since they are fundamental to cutting edge research. Your support to Teaching and Instruction at Thrivus Institute will accelerate our quest to discover and innovate in the biomedical sciences.