Dr. Frimpong is a renowned biotechnical professional, clinical embryologist and forensic DNA expert. He is the founder and CEO of ‘The City of Hope’ Medical Complex, a multispecialty medical and research facility with a vision to providing world-class molecular medicine in Ghana and West Africa.

The Centre focuses on infertility, oncology, sickle cell and diabetes. As the Lead Embryologist for Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), he trains supervises assistant embryologist as well as supervising scientists for ICSI, embryo biopsy and genetic analyses.

He was the Consultant, Forensic Science Laboratory, Ghana Police Service (2010 – 2013) providing consultative technical expertise on genetics, DNA and molecular forensics to the Director of the Forensic Science Laboratory and to the Police Administration. Among others, he led the recruitment, training and supervision of managers and technicians for the DNA Fingerprinting Laboratory; provided expertise on the technical layout, furnishing and equipping of the DNA Fingerprinting laboratory; trained all DNA Analysts of the Forensic Science Laboratory of the Ghana Police Service among others.

Dr. Frimpong was also an Adjunct Lecturer, Human Biology, University of Cape Coast (2010). Among his experience, he is also the Founder and CEO, Scientellect DNA and Medical Laboratory (2008 – present). Scientellect is a genetic and DNA diagnostics company providing prenatal genetic screening and DNA services to hospitals, universities and research organizations in Ghana and the West Africa sub-region. They partnered with Tema Women’s Hospital to conduct the first diagnostic DNA Prenatal Sickle Cell Test in Ghana. Other services include paternity tests for the Judiciary Services of Ghana.
As Research and Development Manager (2002 – 2007) at Invitrogen Corporation, Dr. Frimpong was responsible for hiring, training, supervision, development and retention of scientific staff. He actively directed technology strategies and co-directed product placement strategies.

He holds a Certificate in “Hands on Training in ART’ (2014) from the Embryology Academy for Research and Training, Mumbai, India; Fellow, Virology and Gene Therapy Vectors, University of California, San Diego, School of Medicine (1998 – 2002); Post-doctoral Fellow, Virology and Gene Therapy Vectors (1993/94, 1997/98). Other qualifications include Ph.D. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Program (1993) from Purdue University, USA; a BA, Biology (1986) from Brandeis University, USA.

Prof Ben Gyan

Deputy Director Academic Affairs and Office Research Support

Ben Adu Gyan PhD, is Associate Professor in Immunology and Microbiology. He received his BSc (Hons) degree in Zoology from the University of Ghana in 1985. In 1994 he graduated with MSc degree in Parasitology from the Karolinska Institute and PhD in Immunology from Stockholm University, Sweden in 2002. Dr. Gyan was appointed Research fellow in 1996. His research career initially started with malaria immunology and later extending to the more general fields of immunology and preclinical research. The key focus of his research over the years is the search for markers or molecules and their mechanisms in the pathogenesis of malaria and other diseases. His background in parasite immunology has provided him with the opportunity to conduct research into a number of endemic tropical diseases as well as non-communicable diseases in Ghana in the advancement of public health. His research has contributed to understanding of the role of endothelial progenitor cells in pathogenesis of cerebral malaria. In the past couple of years Dr. Gyan has extended his interest into studies in preeclampsia, arterial stiffness in diabetes and hypertension due to increasing prevalence of non-communicable diseases in Africa. He has also conducted studies to understand the role of malaria in Burkitts lymphoma which is endemic in malaria transmission areas.

His role in malaria vaccine research include investigator role in the Phase Ib trial of the EBA-175 RII-NG vaccine in Ghana. He is also an investigator/expert and a member of Malaria Vaccine Working Group, a consortium guiding the study development plan for the immunology ancillary studies of the RTSS, S malaria vaccine.  He is involved in networking and capacity building in malaria pathogenesis in Africa. The outcome of these initiatives include the establishment of the Malaria Pathogenesis Consortium in 2006. As Coordinator for Internship programs until recently, Dr. Gyan played key roles in training of students and young scientist. He played a key role in the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation-funded postdoctoral training program at Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research. The programme was the first of its kind in Africa in the training of biomedical research leaders to advance their careers in biomedical research. He is also spearheading the establishment of a Global Health Training Program in at NMIMR. He has 100 peer-reviewed publications to his credit.

Dr. Gyan has been associated with the establishment of Thrivus Institute since its conception. He brings on board several years of experience in postgraduate teaching and mentoring as well as research in biomedical sciences. He sees Thrivus Institute nurturing the next generation of young African scientists who strive to make advances in various fields of translational research and hub in building critical capacity of health professionals in reproductive health and gene therapy.

Genevieve OWiredu


Genevieve Wiredu is the Registrar of Thrivus Institute for Biomedical Science and Technology, Lashibi, Accra, since April 2021.

Prior to her appointment, she was the Deputy Registrar (Faculty of Law) at the Mount Crest University College. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Studies, BMS (Hons) at the University of Cape Coast in 20….. and she graduated with Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in Human Resource Management from GIMPA. She has Diploma in Management Studies (DBS) from Takoradi Polytechnic, now Takoradi Technical University, Certificate in Administration and Management from Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) and Institute of Data Processing Management (IMIS) UK respectively.

She worked with RREDA(Vodafone) Ltd Takoradi from 2013 to 2016 as the General Manager, Administration. She joined the University of Cape Coast, College of Distance Education (CODE) in October, 2016 to 2020 as a part time lecturer, teaching Marketing Management, Sales Management and Employment and Industrial Relations.
She worked with Western Castings Limited from November 1989 for four year as Executive Assistant to the Managing Director and then as Administrative officer and later as Human Resource Manager.
She started her career as Executive Secretary to the Managing Director of Animens Industries Limited in Takoradi. She taught at New Snaps College, Takoradi as a National Service Person. In sum she has several years of experience in management and administration. Happy to be part of the Thrivus team..