My attitude to learning and thinking has changed as a result of my time at Thrivus; now, rather than just learning facts, I approach my studies by trying to solve problems. Compared to my past institutions, lecturers at Thrivus are more accessible to their students and spend more time making sure everyone understands the ideas being taught. I have learned to work more collaboratively than the traditional method of studying alone at Thrivus because of the welcoming environment it provides for both work and studies. – Ernest Achab-Awelana

I’m excited to tell you about my amazing experience at Thrivus Institute, where I’m digging into the fascinating world of gene therapy. The institute’s experienced faculty has remarkable expertise and is devoted to providing us with a thorough grasp of cutting-edge practices in this sector. Being a member of this vibrant group provides a great chance to investigate cutting-edge genetic medicine and make a lasting effect on healthcare. Join us now to begin a revolutionary journey that will shape the future of medicine. – Daniel Kally

My life at Thrivus has been more than just a stepping stone in the field of academic science but a time of personal growth, discipline, and life-changing decisions. The use of practical approaches and lab-based research as well as top notched discussion has made this institute my best option. – Kwarteng Solomon Nana Nti

Being at Thrivus has helped me develop the resilience and the appetite to do science that pushes the boundaries. The director and the lecturers have imbibed in me an open-minded, can-do spirit and I am grateful for that. Choosing Thrivus has been by far the best decision I’ve made – Joshua Ampofo Yentumi

Life at Thrivus has been a fascinating experience so far.  I have been exposed to a culture of intellectual curiosity, collaboration, creativity, and innovation through lectures and discussions with brilliant colleagues and lecturers.   – Yeboah Emmanuel Kodom

Here at Thrivus, I have a lot of fun doing science.  The experiences I’ve had here have shaped my understanding on knowledge acquisition, scientific discoveries and technology developments. The prospects are so exciting. This is where I want to be!  – Michael Preko

Thrivus came highly recommended by my friend, Godfred Ntow, who graduated from the program and now works as an Embryologist. His enthusiasm inspired me to enroll.

At the outset, I had little experience or knowledge about the program. However, Dr. Kenneth Frimpong’s orientation completely changed my perspective. His presentation was captivating, and I found a true passion for embryology. I fell in love with the profession; everything about embryology fascinated me.

Thrivus has transformed me by impacting both practical and theory knowledge of human embryology including discipline and being time conscious and avoid lateness as far as human embryology is concerned.

My expectations are to become a professional Human Embryologist, practice and also lecture in human embryology.

Dr. Mariama Adama-Issah student of Thrivus Institute for Biomedical Science and Technology offering advanced embryology in ART program,


Thrivus Institute is a pioneering training center for clinical embryologists and a hub for keeping practicing embryologists updated on modern ART trends in Ghana.

I’m Peter Anim, a student at Thrivus Institute’s advanced embryology in ART program. I first learned about this exceptional institution through a colleague in the infertility treatment field. It’s a true privilege to be part of this institution, which provides a friendly and conducive academic environment. The modules in the advanced embryology program have given me a deep understanding and enabled me to contribute scientifically to patient treatment protocols. This training has equipped me with the skills needed to manage severe cases of oligospermia through an advanced technique called intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). It has also honed my ability to work effectively and independently in any embryology laboratory.

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Kenneth Frimpong and Dr. Bernard Ashong for their invaluable contributions, as well as the entire management and staff of the institute for – Peter Anim

“Securing admission to Thrivus Institute for Biomedical Science and Technology based on a mentor’s recommendation fulfilled my dream. The program perfectly aligns with my aspiration to pursue a Ph.D. in Gene Therapy and lead groundbreaking biomedical research.

What distinguishes Thrivus, in my opinion, is its collaborative environment. This, coupled with a research-driven approach, positions Thrivus as a world-class institution and a unique center for scientific training. Immersed in a diverse community of experts, I’ve gained invaluable insights and ideas, enriching my academic journey. Thrivus also offers extensive resources, including scholarships, fostering academic success.

I’m grateful to be part of an institution that invests in students’ success. The freedom to explore my ideas while receiving guidance from esteemed experts makes Thrivus an exceptional choice for postgraduate studies.

My future goal is to become an independent researcher and educator, mentoring future scientists and contributing to scientific progress. I wholeheartedly recommend Thrivus Institute’s postgraduate program to those seeking an environment for pioneering scientific exploration.

Comfort Abuanor, Postgraduate Gene Therapy Candidate and recipient of the Barroga Family Scholarship Award for Women in Science.”

“Upon hearing my boss praise Thrivus Institute as a top spot for human Embryology studies, I decided to pursue their Advanced Certificate program. Little did I know, it would completely reshape my expertise. Unlike my initial expectations of a traditional learning environment, Thrivus encouraged a 90% self-study approach, fostering critical thinking and innovative problem-solving.

This immersive experience, involving daily research and presentations, significantly honed my public speaking and research skills. The depth of knowledge acquired about case management, diagnosis, and treatments for infertility in couples has been invaluable.

Practicing at City of Hope Hospital and Fertility Center, affiliated with Thrivus, has been a game-changer. It’s evident that Human Embryology in Ghana is in its infancy, and I’m enthusiastic about contributing to its growth. My goal upon completing my studies at Thrivus with a PhD is to lead innovative advancements in ART treatments, becoming a pioneering figure in research and clinical Embryology in Ghana and beyond.

Benard Ansong, M.Phil. student in Human Embryology at Thrivus Institute for Biomedical Science and Technology.”

Discovering Thrivus Institute for Biomedical Science and Technology and its course offerings motivated me to apply for admission. my experiences upon starting revealed the potential of using Gene Therapy in Embryology futher drivingmy passion for a pioneering IVF project.

I have found a new commitment to pursue a Ph.D., at Thrivus Institute, aiming to be a leading female embryologist in Ghana.

Georgina Moore, M.Phil. Human Embryology Candidate