Founded in the year 2020, Thrivus library is one of the largest and leading academic libraries of the private universities in Ghana. The fully digitized library provides a dynamic, relevant and evolving collection of resources and services to support the institute’s mission of providing students and investigators with an open and effective infrastructure together with rigorous research environment to foster creation of basic knowledge through the pursuit of fundamental and innovative research.

Our Services

Thrivus Institute’s library is mainly digital with access to a number of electronic information resources, including the PERI databases which give access to over 30,000 scholarly journals. Thrivus Institute Library goes beyond the physical building extending outside to students, staff and faculty and everywhere you have internet connection  The electronic library is supplemented by a physical collection that is currently 10,000 volumes, as well as a variety of international and local magazines, newspapers, and research publications.



Electronic Library Collection

Thrivus’ e-library collection currently is made up of more than 10,000 ebooks and 100 CD-ROMs focused on Human Embriology, Gene Therapy, Molecular Biology, Implantation, Clinical Embryology, Crispr Lentivirus, Stem Cells etc  The electronic collection will  be continually  increase over the years.

Library Staff

The library is under the management of librarian and assisted by Mr, Okyere and three other staffs.

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