Thrivus Institute for Biomedical Science and Technology holds maiden matriculation ceremony

The Thrivus Institute for Biomedical Science and Technology on Friday, May 28, 2021 held its first matriculation ceremony, during which seven students were admitted to undertake post-graduate courses.

The ceremony saw the official admission of Ellis Fleischer-Djoleto, Eugene Baah, Isaac Kofi Adu, Felix Alex Danquah and George Selorm Quarcoe to undertake a course in Human Embryology.

Other matriculants include Richard Elikplim Kumah and Comfort Abuanor who will study Gene Therapy.

Addressing guests and students at the ceremony, Dr. Kenneth Frimpong, the Director of the institution explained the vision of the school which is to provide a world-class platform for biomedical scientists in the country to undertake postgraduate courses.

This, he believes will go a long way to curb the issue of brain drain where the country is deprived of some of its finest health practitioners who travel abroad for studies and end up being poached by the countries.

“Let me attempt to answer the question in a different manner and in the process propound our vision at Thrivus. Have your friends ever wondered how it is that the best and brightest in Ghana have to go outside the country to study, excel there and yet back home the best and brightest are unable to achieve same? How come? You might have also asked how it is that a great many brilliant graduates with degrees in the biological sciences end up in fields far, far removed from their areas of study?

“Our vision and mission is to provide solutions to these questions. Our mission is to provide our best and brightest with the same world-class research environment out there, here in Ghana. We aim to produce world-class dynamic biomedical scientist. Students of Thrivus will be trained to hold their own among the best anywhere scientifically and operationally, “ he said.

Delivering a speech on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cape Coast which the school is affiliated to, Dr Omane Acheampong, Vice Dean of the School of Allied Sciences congratulated the students urged them to fully utilise the advantage of the opportunity offered them by Thrivus and contribute to the growth of the country.

“Biomedical scientists play a vital role in the healthcare delivery and in your case, your programmes are exceptional in Ghana and in particular and Africa in general. We look forward to producing graduates who will lead the transformation of scientific discoveries in Gene Therapy and Human Embryology into new technologies and therapies.

In the next five years, we foresee graduates from this institution supporting Ghana and other nations to address complex health issues such as cancer, sickle cell, infertility among others.

“The future looks bright for this institution and its students and UCC is solidly committed to collaborate with you to make the goal a reality,” he said.

The President of the Students’ Representative Council of the School assured the institute and its parent body, UCC that the students will apply themselves to the studies and ensure that they become shining examples in their fields of study.

“It is our belief therefore, that being the first of students to enter these doors, this institution will leave no stone unturned to subject its maiden students to critical academic and scholarly research of the highest international merit. We hope that we will have opportunities to explore new fields of interest in our chose programs and learn from the best faculty assembled who will play a crucial role in broadening our horizon,” he said.